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New and Improved Utility Programs

Through our advocacy efforts, certain utilities are expanding or improving the efficiency options available to multifamily affordable housing providers.


The 2019 EEFA-NEWHAB Convening will be held May 21–23 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Plugging Into Savings: California's Huge Potential for Cost-Effective Energy Savings in Low-Income Multifamily Housing

Making multifamily residential properties more energy efficient is a key strategy for reducing the disproportionate energy cost burden facing families on limited incomes. Energy cost burden is the percentage of household income spent on energy bills.

Poll: Most Californians Would Pay More To Help Others With Energy Bills

Huge numbers of Californians struggle and sacrifice to afford energy bills - a fact most Californians understand and would even pay more to rectify, a new poll commissioned by Energy Efficiency for All shows.

Making Affordable Multifamily Housing More Energy Efficient: A Guide Healthier Upgrade Materials

There is no question that investing in energy efficiency upgrades has the potential to deliver substantial financial, environmental, and health benefits to building owners and residents.