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The Significant Potential for Energy Savings in Missouri's Affordable Multifamily Housing

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Optimal Energy's study finds significant energy savings potential in Missouri's affordable multifamily sector.

Optimal Energy, an energy efficiency consultant, recently conducted a study to calculate the potential energy savings from the implementation of energy efficiency measures in Missouri’s affordable multifamily sector.

The study identifies the maximum achievable potential savings and benefits that can be captured over the 20-year period from 2015-2034 through the deployment of affordable multifamily energy efficiency programs. The study found that there is significant as yet untapped energy savings potential in Missouri’s affordable multifamily housing. Pursuing these savings by investing in affordable multifamily energy efficiency programs can help utilities meet their Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA) peak demand and energy sales reduction goals, while delivering many other public benefits. Improving the energy efficiency of affordable multifamily housing improves the lives of residents by reducing energy expenses, creating healthier, more comfortable homes, and contributing to the preservation of Missouri’s affordable housing stock.

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