Building collective power to ensure that all renters live in homes that are affordable and healthy

Our Issues

We all have the right to a secure and healthy home and a clean and safe environment, but those seemingly basic rights are out of reach for millions of Americans. Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) unites people from diverse sectors and backgrounds, including housing, energy efficiency, environmental, health, and community leaders, to collectively make multifamily homes healthy and affordable through energy and water efficiency.

Betty Arnez found it difficult to get by with high energy bills before efficiency upgrades were made to her apartment. Photo by Marcela Gara, Resource Media.

Energy efficient and affordable homes remain out of reach for millions of Americans, spurred on by flawed energy and housing policies. Our advocacy and organizing persuade local, state and federal officials to deliver more equitable policies.

The challenges that inhibit access to affordable and healthy homes are complex and require cooperative and interdisciplinary solutions. EEFA supports collaboration across both state and national efforts to learn together and develop collective solutions.

Energy efficiency improves indoor air quality and protects residents from harmful weather. The use of non-toxic building materials in energy retrofits protects residents, installers, and the broader community from exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Utility bills can comprise one-fifth of operating expenses of multifamily buildings. Savings via energy and water efficiency upgrades allow housing providers to replenish their reserves, address deferred maintenance, and increase resident services.

Energy efficiency is beneficial for both owners and residents of affordable housing. EEFA promotes proven best practices in program design and implementation to help administrators meet the needs of building owners and residents.

The share of income that black, Latinx, renters, and rural households spend on energy is far greater than for other households. Energy efficiency improvements can significantly cut or eliminate the excess energy burden experienced by these households.


EEFA State Campaigns

EEFA builds power to change local policies and practices by seeding and supporting state-based coalitions of industry, advocates, and community-based partners who pool their resources and expertise to achieve common goals specific to their state.

EEFA National Initiatives

EEFA engages in several cross-cutting initiatives aimed at supporting our advocacy and organizing efforts. Initiatives convene interdisciplinary, cross-sector networks and teams to tackle complex issues collaboratively.

CPUC Envisions New Future for Low-Income Efficiency Program

The California Public Utilities Commission adopted major improvements for the future of its low-income energy efficiency program, incorporating an innovative multifamily whole-building model and encouraging deeper energy savings for low-income households.

EEFA Milestone: More than 100,000 Affordable Apartments are More Energy Efficient

Thanks to the advocacy of Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA) partners, more than 100,000 affordable apartments have received energy efficiency upgrades.

Report: “A Green New Deal for Renters” Is Possible

A new report makes a strong case for Los Angeles leaders to reassess the city’s investments in energy efficiency programs to ensure they better serve affordable housing residents who remain deeply underserved by these services.

Utility Low-Income Efficiency Programs in Need of Upgrade

California’s Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) program is designed to help low-income households save money on their monthly energy bills through no-cost weatherization services hasn’t been saving as much energy as it could be. Reform is needed.

Action Housing Provides Affordable Homes


Action Housing provides affordable homes throughout Pennsylvania. Stories from residents speak to how affordable and sustainable homes provides opportunity to those in need.

Weatherization Assistance Program Success Story


Her largest utility bill was once $500. Now it’s $150. A mother from Baltimore, Maryland talks about how her and her children benefited from energy efficiency upgrades through the Weatherization...

Keeping Bradford Apartments Affordable through Energy Efficiency


Bradford Apartments was built in 1974. Outdated and inefficient building systems have caused high energy bills for residents. A grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Develo...