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The Virginia Multifamily Energy Efficiency Coalition (MFEEC) works to ensure that all low-to-moderate income Virginians have access to housing that is healthy, safe, energy-efficient and affordable. This happens when:

  • Energy-efficiency becomes a standard part of every multifamily renovation or new construction;
  • Low-to-moderate income renters and property owners have access to the funding, financing, and programming necessary to facilitate robust energy efficiency upgrades; and
  • Virginia embraces a culture of energy-efficiency innovation with full and robust engagement of stakeholders.

In 2015, MFEEC worked with Dominion Energy to establish a $57 million energy efficiency pilot program (Energy Share) for low-income, disabled, and elderly residents in Virginia. In addition, as part of the Grid Transformation and Security Act of 2018, Dominion and ApCo must seek approval for $1 Billion in energy efficiency programs over the next ten years in consultation with stakeholders. MFEEC members are at the table to ensure the continued success of Energy Share and work with Dominion and ApCo to develop energy efficiency programs that meet the needs of low-income customers.

MFEEC members also educate Members of the Virginia General Assembly on the connection between energy burden and housing affordability and the impact on Virginia households. MFEEC members and partners also host site visits for elected officials at multifamily affordable housing properties across the state undergoing energy efficiency retrofits to demonstrate how projects like these improve the lives of low-income residents, and create quality, local jobs.

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